Interior Mouldings

Midwest Moulding & Door Inc. has a plethera of casing, base, trim and crown moulding options available and in stock for you to choose from. We stock maple, oak, pine, poplar, and primed mouldings and there is a wide variety of wood species available with the option to special order.

See the link below to view our online profile library to see our in-house selection of interior moulding options. Please keep in mind that this library may contain items that are discontinued. Call the office at (920) 339-1005 and a Midwest moulding and Door staffmember will be able to assist you. If we don't stock what you are looking for then we are capable of custom matching many non-stock mouldings. Simply stop in with a sample piece and let a salesperson match the moulding you already have in your home.

We also offer a wide variety of Millwork options. Many of which are in stock and ready to purchase:
• Oak and Maple Wainscoting
• S4S - Pine, Oak , Maple, Poplar
• Edgebanding
• 4/0 Birch or Oak Plywood
• Corner and Plinth Blocks
• Rosettes

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They believe every detail is as important as the next, and they go to great lengths to ensure that from the time we acquire raw materials to the time our product is installed and enjoyed, it meets the highest standards for quality and design. Each Collection is inspired by different architectural styles. They’re interpretations, carefully designed to work with the most up-to-date decorating styles and trends.

• Five Collections each with a number of unique scenes and trim styles.
• Each moulding element within each Collection has been meticulously designed, so every joint and reveal is seamless.
• Choose from different types of wood including Red Oak, White Oak, Knotty Pine, Alder and many more!

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Ferche Millwork, Inc.
Has grown to be internationally recognized for its quality and service and has since set the standard for the hardwood moulding industry. Last year they produced over 10,000 unique items including: custom cherry casings, simple commodity base profiles, large laminated hardwood crowns, unique chairrails, high-end door jambs made with exotic woods for luxury hotels and condominiums, “Craftsman Collection” Toppers or architraves for doors and windows which feature miterless joinery, families of products in its “Decorator Series” collections of architecturally correct mouldings grouped to simplify the selection process, and, many other products exclusive to Ferche.

• From simple standard commodity styles to grand custom profiles
• Red oak is the most common species used in their products, but any hardwood is available at your request.
• Will produce any custom shaped moulding to fit your specifications.
• Ferche is the one-stop-shop for solid moulding and veneered products!


Their purpose is to enhance the value and natural beauty of quality curved windows with beautiful curved casings and extension jambs that match the wood species and profile of each home. They have 1,508 casing profiles in stock and growing. Elipticon is known for producing straight and curved historical reproductions of classic millwork. They believe this quality conscious approach is the way to assist our window and door customers build repeat business with each of their contractors.

• They have in stock over 40 wood species in several thicknesses and lengths.
• Elipticon has hundreds of patterns in stock or they will custom design your profile.
• Elipticon uses a single board to construct its beautiful curved millwork in any shape or size of casing to match your straight millwork.

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In order to ensure the highest quality product, along with a diverse portfolio of mouldings.. Menzner Hardwoods utilizes the latest technology to provide a wide variety of tooling, with literally hundreds of design options. Through a sample drawing, or with an actual sample profile in-hand, their toolers can duplicate with precision.

• Veneer wrapped products include doorjambs, stop moulding for door and window trim, extension jambs and skirt boards.
• With their diverse accents, you are free to enhance, add on to, or finish off your moulding details.

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White River
Mon Reale, their premier line for high-relief details, Ornamentally Embossed, for a more burnished look and Traditional Mouldings, which are the backbone of interior millwork projects. These Collections are designed to be used alone or combined together to compliment each other. Large Combination Details (LCD') s are larger scaled details that are comprised of various profiles from complimentary collections. White River manufactures these Collections from clear, kiln-dried domestic hardwoods at their Fayetteville, Ar. location. All profiles are in-stock in Poplar, ship unfinished and can stain or paint. In-stock widths from 3/4 - 8 ". ( Limited Red Oak profiles in-stock only in Embossed and Traditional Collections )

• Curved work available.
• In-stock widths from 3/4 - 8 ".
• 350 elegant profiles in three distinct Collections

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Hardwood Industries
Their mouldings are manufactured from the finest domestic and imported hardwoods available. All mouldings are produced in house using the top of the line Weinig moulder equipment which has the reputation of delivering the finest quality and most accurately cut mouldings available.

• Some of the offered wood types- Alder, Cherry, Red Oak and even more!
• Complete line of dentil accent moulding and inserts.
• Complete line of braided accent moulding and rope inserts.