French Door

A glass wood French door from Midwest Moulding & Door adds a radiant addition for nearly any home. These doors allow you to elegantly separate spaces within your home, while allowing more light into any room. They combine the warmth and quality of exceptional woods with the beauty of decorative glass.

In addition to multiple options, we provide a range of styles from traditional, contemporary, or even custom if that is not enough. Hundreds of glass styles, patterns, and etchings are available to create your own unique style.


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Koch Doors
Seneca Lag French doors brighten any room and contribute to a friendly, open feeling. These true divided-lite doors are built with individual panes of glass in the authentic French door manner. All glass is tempered and installed with a removable film for scratch protection and to make finishing easier. Designers tell us that our use of prominent mullions and separate lites enhances both the strength and attractiveness of these doors. You can order mullions in either 1" or 9/16" widths. Stile and rail widths are identical to those used in our panel doors.

• Available in 1 3/8" and 1 3/4" doors with many glass options.
• You can order mullions in either 1" or 9/16" widths
Woodport Doors
Well-designed and refined, French and decorative glass doors make for a fun, yet sophisticated atmosphere. Because French doors let in natural ambient light, you can brighten any room in your home. French and decorative glass doors that let the light in and noise out.

• Choose from our wide selection of decorative glass French doors for an interior door between rooms.
• French doors utilize the combination of glass and wood to provide an open feel to any room or entrance.

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Rogue Valley Doors
Rogue Valley French Doors are available in a number of styles to fit you home décor, inside and out. Rogue Valley Door has improved the elegance and sophistication of the French Doors. Match the wood finish with your other home furnishings for a truly stylish look. Choose from traditional pane glass designs to doors featuring craftsman-like muntins.

• Offering them in traditional hardwoods such as oak, maple, mahogany or cherry, as well as pine knotty pine, fir, or primed.
• With Rogue Valley Door, you have the ability to construct a fully custom door for your home.
Woodgrain Doors
The Woodgrain Traditional French Door Collection includes an assortment of handcrafted doors to complement any décor. All French glass doors are built with true divided lite construction (TDL) and Low-E glass, meaning that each pane of glass is a unique piece of glass providing better protection and easier finishing. A variety of interior and exterior design options are available. Each exterior option is designed to withstand exposure to all weather conditions.

• Many wood species to choose from including Oak, Cherry and many more!
• Different styles and glass options to choose from.
Karona Doors
They offer a wide variety of French doors crafted to the highest standards. Their doors allow you to open up a room without moving a wall. Choose your style from our collection, or design your own. Karona French doors will bring a lifetime of beauty, value and joy to your home.
Each interior door we offer can help tell a story. When you leave one room you enter another space with a different purpose and your door can help reflect that, for instance, the way French doors are inviting in a dining room. View our full line of interior offerings in our Western Interior Door Guide or by being building your own unit in our configurator tool.