Flush Interior Doors

Flush doors are generally made up of thin sheets of veneer over a core of wood, particle board, or fiberboard. The veneer faces act as stressed-skin panels and tend to stabilize the door against warping. The face veneer may be of ungraded hardwood suitable for a plain finish or selected hardwood suitable for a natural finish. The appearance of flush doors can be enhanced by the application of plant-on decorative panels. Both hollow-core and solid-core doors have solid internal rails and stiles so that hinges and other hardware may be set in solid wood.

Flush doors offer simplicity in design and provide a rich and warm appearance. These doors are perfect for adding a simple and elegant touch to your home while being economical at the same time. They are available in solid and hollow core as well as a variety of species and sizes to fit every interior doorway in your home.

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Lynden Door
Lynden Door’s wood veneer doors provide the beauty and warmth of natural wood. All doors are available with hollow or solid core construction and matching bi-folds. All Lynden doors are pre-graded before fabrication to ensure flaw-free surfaces. Lynden Door adds value by engineering to deliver peak performance structural integrity. Midwest Moulding & Door stocks a complete inventory of Lynden door slabs & bi-folds for timely delivery.

• An extensive blend product portfolio that includes architectural, commercial and standard residential products.
• Veneer collection includes over 30 types of wood species and cuts.
• Rediscovery collection of inlays & sketch face veneers
• Factory finished hardboard doors
• Green Dor TM. No VOC, no added urea-formaldehyde